Lead Management in Barrie Ontario

I'm going to share with you how you can optimize and automate your lead management process in terms of the lead management and the sales process for Barrie Ontario, which means following the lead through the pipeline.  As we would probably agree that usually, it's impossible to close the sale on first contact and could take up to 10 or 12 touches before a deal is actually closed.  With lead management there are certain stages of the sales process and we need to move the lead forward within your CRM.  Having said that what should be expected from your sales reps and what actions can they actually implement?   Well they can sit down and write emails (time consuming), make multiple phone calls over a short period of time, but these actions will more than likely become irritating and feel to aggressive to prospective leads or even prospects currently in the pipeline for that matter.  From the prospects point of view making a purchase can actually add to their stress level as sales staff try to move the prospect through the sales pipeline.  

So here's the idea, you've got a potential customer, a prospect, and you already have their contact details in your pipeline, and you have the ability to monitor their actions as they move through the sales process. The idea here is to make the process more subtle and effective and at the same time less stressful for both the sales rep and more importantly the prospect.  So, instead of having sales reps randomly write multiple emails and send them out as they are completed potentially bombarding the prospect with too many emails, our system will automatically and strategically send the emails from our system?   For example when stage changes as the prospect moves through the pipeline, you can automatically subscribe clients to different campaigns and pipelines depending on where they are currently in the original pipeline.   Barrie ON with the help of a lead management system you can keep track of your clients activities, including SMS, emails and phone calls that will help you learn when they're ready to make the next step, as they are automatically moved to the next stage of the pipeline.

What's really fantastic is that in addition to phone calls (spread them out) you can take advantage of our built in marketing tools to remind customers about your company.  For instance with our lead management system you can implement our automated email or text messages through our built in campaign feature to continue building a relationship with leads and prospects or even current clients for that matter.  You can track when the potential client is ready to move to the next stage of the pipeline as they qualify themselves using built in tools like survey's instead of bombarding them with just emails or phone calls.  Once a prospect has qualified themselves the prospect is now in the appropriate stage to call.  You now able set up a task inside of the task feature, and assign that prospect to the sales rep you choose all on automation.  With just a few clicks you've built the whole sales process and participation is minimal for sales reps until the appropriate time to contact the prospect by phone.  In fact part of what our lead management system eliminates cold calling, as the system qualifies the leads first saving time and money.

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