Lead Generation in Barrie ON

If you have a quality lead generation process in place for your digital marketing in Barrie Ontario it will go along way in assisting your local business or small business in finding the right customers or clients.  Suffice to say lead generation is especially important as it enables your business and your businesses' landing page or lead capture page to create enormous traffic which leads to more sales and higher lead conversion rates.  The problem is that many businesses rely on their website rather than creating a landing page or lead capture page.

Lead generation according to the dictionary is "the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business's products or services". Many business owners, especially new local business owners have no idea how to start generating their own leads. Even if they have an existing website, their still not really seeing any leads from that website.

Most local business owners in Barrie ON understand that nowadays they need a website for their business and may actually be getting people to visit their website, but unfortunately they never actually see any leads. They have spent a lot of money, and put in a lot of time getting everything set up themselves or have hired a developer to work on their website, and still very few leads or worse none at all.

Something that I hear all the time is that I have a website, but I can't get any leads. If your in business and currently have your own website and are not getting any leads you understand what I'm talking about, but don't beat yourself up as you're not alone.  In that situation you may have than decided that you need a Facebook page, and that you should run Facebook ads.  Now you believe that by combining the two together (Facebook page with your website) and you'll be rocking the leads before you know it.  Unfortunately you eventually come to learn (perhaps spending a small fortune on Facebook ads) that you still have no leads as you realize that a Facebook page and your website still are not enough.

In order to generate leads? In order to make Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and YouTube or any of these other social platforms work you have to send people to what is called a landing page or a lead capture page and not directly to your website.  A landing page or lead capture pages are simple pages that have no other distractions on those pages, no other links, ads, buttons or anything else, including a contact us page.

Everything is kept as clear and concise as possible, and when someone visits your landing page they're either going to fill out your form with their contact information or their just going to leave your page (where you can set up retargeting on Facebook or through retargeting platforms).  To put this in comparison these numbers are consistent across all Industries, so your typical website or your home page is going to convert less than 1% of the people visiting that page into leads and the reason why is because it's not set up and not optimized for lead generation.  Whereas with a landing page you will have 10 to 25% of those leads fill out your form and become a prospect.

Now your website still serves an amazing purpose as it's still great for branding, Google My Business Page, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or when someone types your business name in a Google browser they're going to find your website, which is good.  As once a lead searches for your website they can read a little more about you and your business, so it's still really important to have a website.  But if you're creating posts on Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, Instagram any of these social media networks, or paying for advertising on Facebook, you want to be sending these people to a landing page or a lead capture page instead of your main website or your blog.  By doing this you're going to be able to see your online leads go up dramatically for your business.  

Once these leads have opted in to your list you now need to manage and communicate with with you list or database. You will need to nurture them throughout the buying process to help convince them about your products or services and then convert them into a paying customers or clients. As it can take 8 to 12 touches or contacts to get a prospect to purchase your product or service, having a good Lead Conversion and Management System comes in to play.  You now need to have processes, preferably automated processes all setup to convert your prospects, retain clients, systemize and automate the entire process.

There are a lot more variables that go into lead generation, and following the advice in this article is a very small part of successful lead generation, but it will give you a better perspective on your website compared to using a landing pages or lead capture pages, and then following up with a Lead Conversion and Management system.

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