Digital Marketing in Barrie ON

Digital Marketing, What is it?

Digital marketing or internet marketing in Barrie ON or anywhere else for that matter is making use of the internet on desktop, smart phones, social media, Google and other search engines, as well as various other online channels to connect with leads, prospects and clients.  Some marketers believe digital marketing to be a completely brand new venture that calls for a new method of lead generation, prospects as well as brand-new methods of comprehending how consumers behave differently to typical marketing.

Barrie ON - Understanding Digital Marketing 

A digital marketing agency will  target a specific segment of a client's target market and is generally an interactive experience.

Digital marketing is increasing exponentially and includes but not limited to search results, page ads, e-mail advertisements, and also advertised tweets on Twitter, anything that includes marketing with consumer feedback or a two-way communication between a local business and it's leads, prospects and clients.

Online advertising differs from digital marketing as internet marketing is advertising that is exclusively on the web, whereas electronic advertising and marketing can occur over the telephone, on a subway platform, in a video game or even via a mobile phone app.

In electronic marketing jargon, marketers are generally described as sources, while members of the targeted market are typically called receivers. Sources regularly target highly qualified, distinct receivers.  For example, after extending the late night hours of a number of its stores, McDonald's needed to get the word out.  It targeted shift workers and also tourists through digital marketing, because the McDonald's understood that these individuals made up a big sector of its late night service.  McDonald's motivated them to download and install a new dining establishment finder application,  targeting them with ads located at Atm machines and also gas stations, along with internet sites that it new its customers frequented during the night.

Digital Marketing Channels

Website Marketing: An internet site is the centerpiece of all electronic advertising and marketing activities.  Alone, it is a really powerful channel, however it's the tool needed to implement a wide range of internet marketing projects.  A website needs to stand for a brand name or product and also provide solutions in a clear and unforgettable way.  It also needs to quickly load in a browser as slow loading times will have visitors going elsewhere pretty fast, and it needs to be mobile responsive, as well as very easy to navigate.

Pay-Per-Click (Pay Per Click) Marketing: PPC advertising enables you to get connect with internet leads and prospects on a number of electronic platforms through paid advertisements.  You can create Pay Per Click campaigns on Google, Bing, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as your ads are displayed to people searching for terms connected to your services or products.  Pay Per Click projects can target leads and prospects based upon marketing demographics (age, sex etc) or even their particular passions or location.

A couple of the more popular PPC platforms are Google Ads and Facebook, but you can also run ads on platforms like Bing, Twitter and many others.

Content marketing and advertising: The goal of content marketing and advertising is to connect with potential clients by way of content material. Content is normally published on a web site and then advertised through social media, email marketing, SEO, or even Pay Per Click projects.  The devices of web content advertising and marketing include: blogs, books, internet programs, infographics, podcasts, and also webinars.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is still among one of the most efficient electronic marketing channels.  Many individuals confuse e-mail advertising and marketing with spam email messages all of us receive daily, yet that's not what email marketing is all about.

Email marketing is a medium used to get in touch with your leads and prospects who have opted in to your list via a website form or by other means.  It's also used to stay in contact with your current client base.

A digital marketing agency will utilize all of the various digital marketing or digital advertising channels to stay in contact with their email list and like I mentioned earlier to market to their leads and prospects through email marketing.

Social Media Marketing: One of the main objectives of a social media and marketing campaign is brand awareness as well as developing social trust, but as you delve deeper into social media marketing and advertising, you can utilize it it to obtain leads or even as a direct sales network.

Affiliate Advertising: Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, as well the web has actually brought new life to this old stand-by.  With affiliate marketing, you promote other people's products or services, and you get paid a compensation each time a sale is made or sometimes even when just a lead is generated.  Many widely known companies like Amazon have affiliate programs that pay out countless affiliates monthly for sales that they helped generate.

Video Marketing and Advertising: YouTube is currently the 2nd most popular search engine (behind Google) , and has a lot of users who are relying on YouTube prior to making a purchase to help them make an informed decision on a product or service in addition to learning something non business related or to simply relax.

There are numerous video marketing platforms currently available including Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo to run a video marketing campaign on to name a few.

Local Businesses can have tremendous success with video marketing by incorporating it with Search Engine Optimization, web content advertising and marketing, social media sites, and basically with all of their local marketing campaigns.

SMS or TEXT Messaging: SMS messaging is another great way to generate marketing leads, prospects, and to just stay in contact with a current client base with offers and promotions.  There are legal issues that must be met prior to legally marketing through SMS messages, but that content will be for another article.

Obstacles of Digital Marketing and Advertising

Digital marketing and advertising can pose some special challenges for its campaign managers, as digital marketing channels are multiplying swiftly, as such, digital marketers as well as your digital marketing agency have to keep up with exactly how these channels are changing and how to effectively market through them.  On top of that, it's becoming harder to attract the attention of new marketing leads as digital marketing continues to grow and becomes more mainstream.

Having said that Digital Marketing is still and will continue to be the best way to promote and market your local business  in Barrie ON to generate new leads and prospects, and to stay in contact and communicate with your current client list or database in an efficient and automated manner.

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